Animal Crossing Deck of Cards

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Limited Edition Animal Crossing Poker Size Cards

Playing Card Poker Sized Deck Description:

This specialty deck of playing cards has 52 unique character designs all from Animal Crossing: New Horizons Series! Each individual playing card is approximately 2.5" wide x 3.5" high / 6.35 cm wide x 7.62 cm high. This is a regular Poker sized playing card deck. Each individual card has been hand crafted and cut to as exact as possible as all of the other playing cards. The corners of each card have been rounded by hand as well. Along with the 52 deck of playing cards, there are also 2 Joker cards.

Each individual card is not perfect, but the cuts were made as precise as possible by hand rather than by a machine. This is a collector's item but can also be used to play cards. All suits are included: Spads, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds.

The finish available is exactly like regular Poker playing cards:
-12pt Linen Card Stock

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Artist: House of Cards
Artist Instagram: @houseofcardsgifts

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