Honey Bee Haven

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Black and yellow bee figurine on a white base with a sentiment in black typography. 50 pieces with displayer (7.7X6.3X5.1) at no charge. 10 figurines on a yellow beehive-shaped displayer with two red flowers and a HONEY BEE HEAVEN sentiment. 10 Assorted Designs: Bee with Crown/QUEEN BEE, Bee with Flower/BEEYOUTIFUL, Bee with Heart/I LOVE YOU HONEY, Bee with Peace Sign/GIVE BEES A CHANCE, Flexing Bee/BEE STRONG, Bee with Fists/BUZZ OFF, Bee with Cape/BEE YOUR OWN HERO, Bee with Arms Out/BEE HAPPY, Bee with Honey Pot/SWEET AS HONEY, Bee/I BEELIEVE IN YOU. Polystone.